oh, well

by AA$

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Quaint but neurotic, poised but volatile, straight forward & definitely queer. If you’re looking for a sprig loaded with contradiction; it has sprung in AA$’s debut oh, well.

Distorted, heavy-mouthed, and poetically conversational, oh well, aims to tell the story of blurry-eyed denial & long-awaited hope. Throughout the album, Adam Sajak, the main mind & body behind AA$, treats the audience as if it’s not there. He creates a closed conversation of open dialogue, an honest plea to be heard that could leave soft-punkers with lock jaw, freak-folkers feeling confused & blue, and alterna-kids anxious & sweaty. oh, well lives in the mind.

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released June 30, 2015

all tracks were written by adam sajak. they were recorded in a laundry room in hesperia, ca by adam sajak (feat. vocals by harley altaville) & sent all the way to a foggy basement in rural jersey. there, the genius of jack unverzagt recorded further tracks & proceeded to mix, master & churn the cacophony of sounds until it had become what you’re hearing now, oh, well.

guitar, ukulele, vocals, howls, sticks & stones, queer stuff – adam sajak
bass, guitar, percussion, synth, organ – jack unverzagt
vocals, album art, endless support – harley altaville

*this album is fully funded & sponsored by bare clause collective, a group of queer punks with too many visions



all rights reserved


AA$ Boulder, Colorado

diy queer TLC punk noise from Colorado;

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Track Name: XO
be gentle, my darling
everyone’s got a story to tell

be gentle, my darling
everyone’s got a wishing well

well, I wish you well
you’ve gotta wish them well
Track Name: (un)well
highs as empty as medusa’s ghost
serpents have me by the throat

I am well
I have turned to stone

there’s a bed and a back door
snakes are slithering under both
there’s venom and there’s blood
I have poisoned the sun

I am well
I have turned to stone

grief should not be a house
where my heart turns cold
I should not be a man
who can’t keep you warm

I am well
I’m (un) well
I have turned to stone
Track Name: party
if you’re looking for your lovely soul
just know
you’ll never grow old

if you’re looking for a place to bind your friends
in time
you’re never gonna find it, no

life is but a lucky strike
everyone goes home
when the party’s over
and memories do fade
when you’ve lost your way
to your head

if you’re tryin’ to buy yourself some time
more days
don’t stay in one place too long

if you fear the end is near
look up
look down
Track Name: present
I’ve been lookin’ at these hazel eyes
tryin’ to find a way to mend my insides
I’ve been tracing these lips for too long
all these words, how can they do me wrong?

I’ve been digging black holes from the inside out
stretching these arms that hold me down
highs are gone with talk of tomorrow
waiting to find their own lost world.

shaded with looseness of touch
devilish smiles and shrouded lust
wishes come to blind men, dreaming
I hold my hands and jump down

into your wishing well
I will go
Track Name: fire
it needs to be said out loud
today; will you hear it outside?
the fire is gone, but
your legs are still alone

I know, you know
I don’t want to know
Track Name: too long to wait
I spent the last 6 years ablaze
cast-iron lungs, blood type A
the guttural sounds of teenage angst
are nothing but a home, a house aflame:
waiting for the hose, the biblical flood
to come around and put it out;
my house has two stories,
dilapidated and old plot’s been told
one’s about a boy with a bulletproof vest
and beautiful flowers rotting in his chest
another where she cries every time
her head bows down that porcelain throne

I was neither
and I was both
until I grew old enough to know
that the words that saved me
are the ones that maimed me, left me for dead
not a scarecrow yet
but I was still cursed
I don’t know what’s worse.
(you held my hand like
I was a ghost
can’t tell anymore
if I’m better
or worse)

since late september I lost the will
to cry, it’s for the best and the worst
yawps as dolor as sand dunes dry
and spit out on unpaved roads
I don’t know if I’ll ever have time
left, anymore.
I worry I’ve spent it all, worrying
and wandering this broken yellow divide

I’m not enough guts
to yell for
to jump for

I dove down from the lowest point
only to find calm
too late

I’m always too late
who will love me enough to wait?
Track Name: yes/no
the skies are searching for last week
go back to august, I hope I’ll find
some time to breathe
the skies are searching for some
real live energy and I’ll be
waking through a bedlam
that I can’t see

life is born
in the stallion eyes of stars
laughing at the thought
of a noble god
laughing at the sight of us
aching at the sight of us

beautiful things will life
and sometimes
our own creations will fall
into the dark well of those lies
our yes and nos

the end is spitting fire into
our lungs. no air is winning and
it’s getting hard
the end is eating up our destiny
and I’ll be running lungs on fire
aching to be

and I know
the stars are in the sky
and I know
that I can’t see them all
and I know
that I’m a creation
but I don’t know
where I came from
and I know
something’s looking down at me
but I know
there’s no conversation
I know
that something made me
but I don’t know
what his name is

if minds had eyebrows
they’d be arched, questioning
and scared
I’m arched, questioning
and scared
my yes and nos

we are all one